Welcome to my blog

My name is Sia, short for Anastasia. I'm a Christian, a Wife & a Mummy, all of which are my biggest joys in life.

Since becoming a Christian 8 years ago I have, only by God's perfect grace changed a lot. God rescued me from the downward spiral I was headed in. He literally took my broken, dark heart & has been cleaning & reforming it ever since. Nobody said being a Christian would be easy & although I find it a daily challenge, my prayer is that I can be used to encourage others on their Faith journey too.  

At the tender age of 18 I met the love of my life, John. We have been married for almost 6 years & have a gorgeous 10 month old son called Joah. He is the sweetest little love & fills our hearts with so much joy. As first time parents we are very much 'learning on the job' & relying on God every step of the way. I cannot think of a bigger responsibility than raising a little life, especially in this day & age, it's a responsibility we certainly can't take lightly.

As a family we love embracing different cultures, we travel a lot & want to spread The Gospel wherever we go.

My hubby is a pro Footballer which has taken us to different parts of the world. We are currently living in France where John plays for Racing club de Lens, I'm incredibly proud of him.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my Blog. My aim is to upload some form of interesting, lovely content weekly, spotlighting on Faith, Marriage & Motherhood.

So grab a cuppa & skip into my world for a mo, you're always welcome!

All my love,