Wives, get your pom poms out!

Growing up I always wanted to be a cheerleader. There seemed to be something so exciting about being tossed in the air & shaking your pom poms. As a girl who grew up in a small Greek village being a cheerleader wasn't exactly an option but now I'm married my wish has been granted. I'm now my husbands cheerleader.

I got married when I was 19, I had no clue how to be a wife or how to bring out the best in my man. But I learnt early on the massive difference that championing my husband makes. Since then I've noticed the power that my words have & the major difference that my opinions & advice make to him.

Now I see my marriage as a sports field. Run with me on this one (excuse the pun) & lets imagine this example as a football pitch.

Our wonderful husbands step onto the pitch of life, where they work super hard to score goals, (to provide for us, lead us well, love us ect..) but at times they fall down. Sometimes it rains & the pitch gets mucky, perhaps they get injured & feel like they can't run on any longer, defeat creeps over them. BUT theres something that makes the difference, something that keeps them running, keeps them chasing those goals & eventually scoring! That difference is the fans, the cheerleaders! I've been to many football matches since meeting John & one thing which is always unbelievably amazing to me is the power of the fans. I'll be watching a game where we are losing, everyone is feeling down but as soon as the fans pipe up the atmosphere in the stadium completely changes. The players on the pitch are fuelled by roaring fans who believe in them. The dancing cheerleaders don't stop smiling because of the score, they throw their pom poms around regardless because their support is consistent. Can you imagine going to a football match with no fans? I wonder how well the players would do without the encouragement of the fans.


The amazing thing about cheerleaders is that they know their role, they go a match prepared to support their team regardless of the outcome. They don't clock off early if their team aren't winning, instead they switch up the support a notch & scream even louder! Thats the role we should adopt in our marriages. We need to learn to support our men & bring out the best in them in every season of life. God has created the union of marriage to be like no other relationship on earth. Our husbands desire to be affirmed by us & we have the beautiful honour of being the ones to do so. I love speaking into my hubby's life, I find it such an honour when he comes to me for advice. But, I also see it as a responsibility.


In order to do fancy flips a cheerleader must practise her sport. In the same way we need to realise the responsibility we have to be our husbands helper & get practising. Perhaps you aren't a naturally complementary person & your love needs to be paid more compliments. Or maybe you struggle with listening & giving advice in love. Whatever the area's are that you don't feel strong in, I advise you to take them to God. After all He is the one who created your husband so He knows exactly what he needs from you. Ask The Lord to help you to build your husband up & to meet his individual needs. 


Lastly, I would encourage you to actually test out this cheerleading theory of mine. Pay your love some extra attention this week, compliment him when he does well at work or stands up to the boss. Show him your appreciation, encourage him to be brave, give him the freedom to be completely honest with you knowing that your love & support is never changing. If you do those things I can almost guarantee you that your man will go from Clarke Kent to Superman! 

Proverbs 18:22

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the LORD."

All my love,

(Give me an S. Give me an I. Give me an A. What's that spell?)

SIA!!! ♥ xxx