Just two young fools in love with Paris

So my darling hubby told me to pack for a long weekend's surprise. I literally had no idea where we were going & what I should pack! In true girlie style I packed as much as my dear suitcase could handle without the zippers bursting.. After piling everything into our car we set of on our romantic adventure to.....PARIS!!!

There was something so exciting about actually driving in Paris as a pose to jumping in a cab or taking the train.


My hubby planned our trip perfectly & the evening we arrived we went to the world famous LOURVE art museum famous for housing Leonardo da Vinci's, Mona Lisa painting! We took a guided tour around the museum which I highly recommend if you want to better understand & appreciate the amazing art! John & I were the youngest in our group & felt like two giggling teens stopping every now & then to kiss & admire the unique sculptures.

Day Deux

You can't go to Paris without shopping & feasting right? We used our second day to explore all the beautiful Parisian boutiques as well checking out some of the higher end stores such as Hermes & of course Louis Vuitton which definitely feel even more fabulous in Paris. Unfortunately amongst the understandable excitement of shopping I forgot to take pics so you"ll just have to go shopping in Paris for yourself ;)

Day Trois

Before going to Paris I thought I was an adult, that was until we visited Disneyland where I realised I'm still very much a lil girl in love with Aladdin! I literally had the time of my life & can't wait to take our children there in years to come...

Lil Tip- We chose to drive to Disneyland & park there as it gave us the freedom to leave as late as we liked. The parking is super reasonable & works out cheaper than using public transport. (Based on 2 adults train fare from Paris, Bir-Hakim.) Parking was £12 for the day.

Day Quatre

I had no idea what to expect of this day as it was another surprise. My love bought me a pair of kicks & a pair of gloves & we headed down to a group meet up point down a cute Parisian street. We were greeted by a row of massive black 2 wheeled beasts... SEGWAYS! These badboys are literally the most exciting way of touring the City! It's surprisingly easy to work & within minutes of stepping onto them we were cruising through the Champ de Mars.

Lil Tip- Always try to book your day activities before hand as it works out much cheaper & you can get some great deals on sites such as Groupon or last minute.com. Also gloves is a must as it can get really chilly speeding through the streets of Paris!

Day Cinq

We saved the best till last & used our last day to take a tour up the Eiffel Tower! I'm a bit of a scaredy cat (meow) when it come to heights but with the help of my love I managed to conquer my fears & get to the top! The view was breathtaking & the atmosphere was incredible. 

Lil Tip- As you can imagine the queue's to go up The Iron Lady were suuuuuper long! Some people queued for over 3hours so its definitely worth an online snoop for queue jump passes. (There are some great offers especially if you buy a tour guide ticket- the queue jump & elevator access comes free with a lovely tour guide!) 

To finish off an amazing 5 days we had to of course try some authentic Parisian Macaroons! They were as delicious as they look, my fave was the white coconutty one!

For me, Paris was more magical, exciting & romantic than I had ever imagined! From the cute Boutiques & monuments to the old Parisian waiters with spiky moustaches.. I can't wait to return again soon... But of course it would be meaningless had I not been with the love of my life, my darling husband who made it absolutely perfect in every way!

Until my next Travel Blog, big Bisous (kisses)