"You're my wife, The Lord has told me"

Have you ever had a man drop that line with you? Where they are a million percent certain that God has given them a special look into their future, and there you are making him chicken noodle soup with your 6 kids in the background & his Mother by your side! Umm.. not exactly what you envisioned for your future? Well its tough luck honey, cos when God speaks He speaks & you listen! Right? 

Before I met my darling hubby I had quite a few Christian male friends, you know, the ones you hang out with in a big group after church, or the 'bro's' who are in your Bible study. At this time I was very much waiting & praying for God to bring me my husband & was trusting him with the matter. Well one crisp morning I noticed a large paper package rammed through my letterbox.. A lil strange?  I was in for an unusual surprise when I opened up what turned out to be a "word from God"/kinda marriage proposal/kinda prophecy/kinda lovey essay thing. A good friend of mine (a Godly man) had written me a 5 page letter informing me that I was the woman for him & that God had clearly told him we were to get married. To say I was super shocked was a massive understatement! I remember calling up my close friend in utter confusion. After venting to her I was like, "Lord, him & me? Really? Couldn't you have picked someone taller & funnier & better looking." 

To cut a long story short, this guy was not my husband & I was definitely not his wife.. Just months after sending me that long letter, he in fact married another lady from my church. 

Men (just like us) can & do get it wrong, but when using the "The Lord has told me" bar we have to be doubly careful. You see God is not a God of confusion, He won't have you marry someone who you're not compatible with or who you don't even fancy. All to often we are led by what man says is God but what really is just man's desire. I believe it's wrong to use the name of God so flippantly & if you do genuinely believe God has spoken to you wait to see how He confirms it before you share it. We should never use 'hearing from God' to impose our will upon another person, be patient & prayerful, if that person is who God has planned for you it will come to pass in His right timing. (Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time.." 

Confusion Bamboosion?!

What if you feel The Lord has told the both of you that you are to be married but you still feel confused? You pray & wait! You should never go ahead in a relationship & most definitely not the sacred union of marriage if you are not at peace & 100% that it is God's will. (Isaiah 55:12) 

It's also super important to get wise counsel from trusted Godly leaders & close loved ones. (Proverbs 11:14) I don't know where J & I would be had we not had hours upon hours of advice & input from our church mentors & Pastors. 

When it comes to marriage we can't afford to make mistakes & marry the wrong person, that can damage not only your life & those around you but can also mean you miss your calling & destiny from God.

So no matter how handsome or Godly & attractive the man, don't listen to his voice when he tells you he's your husband. Listen carefully to the sweet voice of God who is always right!

Peace & Love