My Summer so far!

Hey loves, 

It feels like its been such a long time since I last blogged so I thought I would do a fun 'catch up with me' kinda blog for a change! The loveliest news I have to share is that J & I are expecting our first bubba! We are absolutely over the moon, so much so that I'm making a new little category on my website devoted to all things Mummyish & babyfied, so deffo look out for that!

My Summer got off to a super exciting start when my gorgeous hubby's football team OHL got promoted to the First Devision! That was of course a huge celebration & I'm so proud of John!  It's so easy to look in through the window & see Footballers lives as incredibly privileged & easy, but the truth is every footballer we see will have put in sooo much hard work to get to where they are. So when John won the League Player of the season award I was & still am so proud of him cos I see just how much he's sacrificed & how much hard work he's put in! Hooray for my Champion!

I can't wait to take our little bubba to Daddy's games, I always think its too cute when you see little kids in their Dad's shirts or wearing their Dad's football numbers! Awww finally that will be our bubba *love heart eyes!*

So after the super busy Football Season John & I jetted off to Dubai to soak up the sun & get refreshed before the new season 'kicks in' again (excuse the pun).

Dubai was such a perfect break & especially nice as a whole bunch of our friends were there at the same time, so we got to catch up with them too! Dubai means so much to me as it's where we spent our honeymoon & first few holidays together, so it's filled with beautiful memories for us both. This holiday was particularly fun as our best friend/bro Todd flew out half way through the holiday which definitely doubled the fun! 

I also loved having some alone time while away. I went for morning prayer walks on the beach which were so peaceful & beautiful. I felt like I got to reconnect with God which was definitely a highlight of my holiday!

After our relaxing holiday we then made a flying visit to good Ol' Londaaaan! Gosh, words can't express how amazing it felt to go home. Yes, we consider our home in Belgium to be home but 'home home' is definitely South London, the land of cockney accents, THE best Caribbean takeaways & home to most of my favourite people in the world! I say most, because my beautiful big sister lives all the way in Leeds! 

Unfortunately with John's pre season training fast approaching we didn't have as long as we would have liked in England but we crammed as much as we possibly could into the time we did have. Seeing our gorgeous family was definitely the highlight, its amazing just how much you miss while living abroad so we spent as much time as we could with them! 

We also got to celebrate 2 sets of our amazing friends engagements (shout out to Jack & Chrys & Joellie & Kiera) as well as the birth of the newest member of our family, baby Mason! 

Whilst in London my lovely friend Jen from gave birth to her beautiful daughter, unfortunately I wasn't able to meet her but I can't wait to next time I'm over! Be sure to subscribe to Jen's blog as she'll be updating it soon with all kinds of Mummy/baby goodness!

One of my favourite days in England was visiting Canterbury for the day with my Mum & Aunties. I grew up in Kent so its always really lovely to go back! Plus, the shopping & cute cafes in Canterbury are so fab!

The last bit of fun I had in London was organising my beautiful friend Jacqueline's Bridal Shower. We went to a delicious Brazilian restaurant where we feasted & had a lovely fun filled evening! 

My next & last bit of travelling before the baby arrives will be to go to her wonderful wedding in Switzerland! 

I just had to add this pic of my fish 'n' chips as it was soooo English & sooo delish! I enjoyed it whilst on a little lunch date with my lovely friend Teresa who I hadn't seen for 5years!

Now I'm back home in Belgium & settling into the more relaxed swing of life over here. I hope you enjoyed this little catch up blog! 

Lots of love,