I'm back!

Hey lovely loves, 

It's been quite some time since I've written a blog post, not because I've not wanted to, infact my brain has been super full of things to share, I've just not had the time to. But here I am, finally finding the time to blog again.

Before jumping straight back in I thought I would give a quick little update on where I've been & what's been going on. 

Since my last blog, we've welcomed our gorgeous son Joah into the world, travelled to 6 Countries & moved to France, where we are now settling down. It's been quite some journey & I'd say the most challenging season of life so far, both individually & as a married couple. One thing's for sure, nothing can quite prepare you for the shift in priorities that having a baby does. From being at my lowest emotionally & feeling challenged in every which way, I now find myself even more in awe of God & all His goodness. He has literally carried my little family & shown us unlimited love. 

Now we are on our new adventure in this new French 'croissanty' season of life. I'm looking forward to getting back into my blogging very soon & sharing all that's on my heart.

So yeah, I guess this is just a pre blog blog to say hey & stay tuned for my next proper blog which I will pop up tomorrow followed by regular weekly posts. 

All my love 

Sia ♡ x