God had a plan.


Sometimes God allows us to endure difficult situations only to help us learn to depend solely on Him. Sometimes, I think we fail to fully comprehend just how mighty and sovereign God is. He created the entire universe; He is more than capable of handling your circumstance…

I once knew a girl who became pregnant at the age of 17. She wasn’t married to the dad, who was 31 at the time. Being so young and naive, she decided to just go to the doctor and get an abortion. That would be the easiest thing to do, right? Since the father was already in his 30’s, he felt he was ready for a family. As time went on, the father was finally able to persuade the girl to keep the child and attempt to raise him or her. The months went by and a perfectly healthy baby girl was born! It sounds like a sad situation which turned out to be okay in the end, but the story isn’t over yet. 

The sad reality is that this couple had severe drug and alcohol related issues. The parents tried to raise the child on their own for two years before child protective services stepped in due to severe neglect and even some abuse. The baby was placed in foster care for just one day before someone became interested in adopting her! 

The girl was adopted into a wonderful, loving, Christian family. They raised her up in church and gave her everything she could ever ask for. They had a special kind of love for the girl because they were unable to have children of their own. They were one big happy family. However, when the girl got older, she began to wonder about her past. At age 12, she began to question her existence. She felt confused about how her biological parents could just “give her away.”  Although she was surrounded by all the love in the world, she was unable to feel it. 

The girl began to cut herself and even had a few suicide attempts before a teacher found out and reported it. Her adoptive parents found out and put the young girl in therapy. The parents were so heartbroken that the girl wasn’t able to feel their love. The 12 year old girl was diagnosed with chronic depression and was prescribed to a variety of anti-depressants. This lasted for 3 years. 

During this 3 year time span, the girl wanted nothing to do with church, even though she was raised to attend every Sunday. She wouldn’t talk to anyone around or even smile. She hated herself; she hated her life. In the mean-time, her adoptive mother would always pray for her out loud and claim her healing in Jesus name! She would even tell the girl that she was going to be a mighty woman of God some day! The girl hated when her mom prayed for her because she felt like she would never get better and just end up being a disappointment to her family. 

One day, the girl forgot to take her medication, and later realized that she was in a better mood than when she did take it. Her mother called the therapists and told them to take her daughter off of the medication immediately! At this point, the girl was 15 years old. Church camp was coming up and she decided she was going to check it out. That week, she got a touch from God and was completely healed of depression! She came back home on fire for God. She wanted more! She read the bible and prayed as often as possible. She began to realize that GOD was the reason her biological parents decided not to abort her! She started to understand that God always had a plan for her life, even before she was conceived. (Jeremiah 1:5

That little baby girl who was born completely healthy while her mother was addicted to drugs, who was adopted instead of aborted, who was healed of depression, is ME! GOD SAVED MY LIFE. He knew who I was before He knitted me in my mother’s womb. He had a plan for me before I was born! I was almost just another statistic, but GOD. Everything I went through was all part of God’s divine plan. I am now an adoption advocate, preschool teacher, and worship leader all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in college. Many people say they don’t understand how I went from being so depressed to always being so happy; it’s because I now have the joy of the Lord! I’m a living testament of His abounding love and mercy. I love Him with all my heart and soul! I live for Him because He died for me! I thank Him for my life every day. God is so good.

Emily Witt

A massive thank you to Emily for allowing God to use her through sharing her powerful testimony with us. For more from Emily simply follow this beautiful woman of God on twitter where she posts powerful daily tweets that always encourage & challenge. -  Love Sia ♥ 

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