Cravings, stretch marks & Mummy work outs!

Hey loves,

I'm gonna dive right into my pregnancy update! I can't actually believe how fast its going, I'm already in my 3rd trimester with less than 11 weeks to go until my Prince is due. The time has flown & I'm sooo excited!

I'm so grateful to God, I feel so well & other than a little pregnancy insomnia & back ache's I'm doing brilliant! 

Throughout my pregnancy I've been trying my best to eat healthily, I'll admit that this is made much easier being married to a very health conscious athlete lol. If it wasn't for him I'm sure I wouldn't be eating as healthly but because we were already in a routine of eating fresh, healthy meals before I was pregnant I guess it's made it easier to continue doing so throughout pregnancy.

I've had a whole heap of cravings from gherkins, ice cream, (not together lol) & pizza to grapefruits & marshmallows. Some of the cravings I give into & others I will do my best to ignore. I'd say I allow myself to have a cheeky treat every few days but I won't just go crazy & indulge in all my cravings as I want to look after my body & growing bubba.

Now, onto stretch marks... I was opening up to a friend recently about the struggle I had with accepting my ever changing body. I always thought I would take after my petite Mum & miss out on the weight gain & stretch marks, but boy was I wrong! So far I've gained 2 & a half stone & have gone from a size 8 to a size 14. I have found it difficult but I'm trying to embrace my fuller figure & remind myself that it's all about my baby right now & not me! As long as he is growing healthily thats all that matters! So, with that I've packed all my skinny jeans & popped them in the loft! I'm now living in maxi dresses & comfy leggings.

Along with the weight gain I've got new stretch marks, I had some pre pregnancy but now I have a new lot to add to my collection lol. I've been using pure coconut oil which has kept them away from my growing tummy but should some come, I will embrace them too!

Sadly, I've never been one of those girls who love fitness, I actually find it so boring lol. I wish I could say since falling pregnant I've turned into a gym bunny but the truth is I just do pregnancy pilate videos lol. I've found pilates really helpful with my back aches & I also I know they will help further down the line with delivery so I'm doing my best to do 30mins every other day. 

So there you have it loves, my little pregnancy update! 

Hope you're all well & having a fab week so far.

Lots of love,