Spicy chicken & avocado salad

Healthy, quick & delicious. My spicy chicken salad!

Ingredients -

Assorted lettuce leaves

A large handful of olives & mini pickles


1 Avocado

1 grated carrot 

1 handful raisins

2 cups penne pasta

3 Chicken breasts

2tsp chilli flakes, garlic powder & mixed herbs

Olive oil


1/2 Lemon

Salt & Pepper to taste 

Preparation Method -

Prep time - 5/10 mins depending on how quick you can chop a salad ;)

Cook - 12 mins

Serves - 4

Salad Dressing

1.) Squeeze half a lemon into a small bowl, add a glug of olive oil & 4 tbsp honey. Stir & set aside

Chicken Salad

1.) To a saucepan of salted water add your pasta. Bring to the boil (10mins) then drain. Make sure pasta is al dente 

2.) While waiting for the pasta to boil, chop up your salad

3.) Over a medium heat add your olive oil, chilli flakes, garlic powder & mixed herbs. Once the spices warm & become fragrant add your diced chicken breasts

4.) Brown the chicken then add your penne pasta. If the pan becomes too dry add a drizzle of olive oil. Allow the pasta & chicken to fry together for a further 2mins or until they start to darken in colour & get coated in the spices

5.) Remove from the pan & pour the chicken & pasta over your beautifully chopped salad. Add a sprinkle of salt & crushed black pepper 

6.) Drizzle lemon & honey dressing over the salad & enjoy