Greek style lamb cutlets with home made tzatziki

I love to make a large tub of tzatziki as it tastes amazing with almost any meal & is a great way of eating cucumber if like me, you don't usually like it! A large dollop alongside some crispy Greek style lamb cutlets is a must!

Ingredients for the lamb -

8 Lamb cutlets

3 tsp Rosemary

3 tsp Garlic powder

3 tsp thyme

1 generous glug of olive oil 

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Salt & pepper 

Ingredients for the tzatziki -

(This recipe makes enough for 4 days worth of servings, just keep in store in sealed container in the fridge.)

1 large grated cucumber

2 cups Greek yogurt

1  freshly squeezed lemon

2 minced garlic cloves

1 tsp dill

2 tsp salt & ground black pepper

Cook time - 45mins

Prep time - 15mins

Serves - 2/3

Method -

1.) First off you want to make the tzatzki to allow it time to marinate in the fridge. The earlier you can do it the better. To begin, wash & grate your cucumber.

2.) Place the grated cucumber onto a clean tea towel, wrap it & squeeze out as much water from the cucumber as possible. Then pour the grated cucumber into a large bowl.

3.) Pour in the yogurt, herbs, garlic, salt, pepper & lemon. Mix together, have a cheeky taste & if necessary add a pinch more salt. Then simply cover & refrigerate until serving.

Lamb cutlets method -

1.) To begin place the lamb cutlets on an oven proof tray, then to a small bowl add your herbs, balsamic vinegar & olive oil & mix well.

2.) Pour the marinade over the lamb then cover the tray with tin foil & place in the oven at 190c. Leave covered for 20mins then uncover & cook for a remaining 10 or until the lamb takes on a slight crispy, charred look & flavour.

3.) Serve your delicious lamb cutlets with your favourite roasted vegetables, a generous dollop of tzatziki & a small side salad. Enjoy!